Wind Waait

* The installation represents the facade of a building.

What: An architectural installation that aims to re-sensitize us to the rythm of the natural world.


Why: Within the world that surrounds us, everything is part of a larger interdependent dynamic system; everything is constantly flowing and transforming. But as an result of the subject-object thinking that is deeply rooted within our culture. We've come to see ourselves as isolated entities. It is my belief that this alienation, is emphasized in an increasingly urbanised environment. Nowadays we spend 90 percent of our time inside, within an surrounding that is largely made up of static and non-living surfaces.  Cut off from the context wherein we find our origin; nature. Meanwhile is it widely known the positive influence, that active nature has on our well-being is impeccable. For the reason that evolutionary psychology traces back this need for contact with nature and change, to the fact that human physiology developed largely outside in response to a constantly varying natural world. 


How: By the means of this installation I want to evoke a sense of wonder. But foremost I want to re-invite you to see nature as it is: a living dynamic system to which we belong and from which our well-being can benefit greatly. By re-establishing the interweaving of nature within our newly adapted environment this project wants to showcase how architecture can be designed to reconcile their traditional role as shelter from the elements with the active inclusion of the flow of the natural world.

"It's about rewriting what it means to be human. We must realize that we're dependent on nature and that nature depends on us, humans as well. 

Gary Ferguson

Materials:  Wood - Aluminium | Glass | Rubber 


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