Wind Waait

Nature has been a continuum from the beginning. But an encounter with the eternality of nature is often solely experienced within the realms of nature itself.

Contemplating the presence of a towering waterfall, a whispering forest or a vast sea seems to be able to instil a sense of the finite within ourselves. The experience of this particularity seems to have a humbling effect, due to the realization that all these elements of nature will definitely outlive us. Therefore, nature’s greatness isn’t only about the overwhelming size of trees and mountains, but mostly about their permanence.

In the contemporary, fragmented and urbanized world, wherein human beings have removed themselves from the continuous flux of nature. I hope to re-integrate this eternal quality within the static atmosphere of our indoor spaces. For the very reason, this experience seems to have a self-transcendental yet grounding resonance; when one finds this serene beauty, one finds a way out of confusion to calmness – you arrive at a place where we are at ‘home’.

Nature’s greatness isn’t only about the overwhelming size of her elements. But mostly about their permanence.

The emotion we feel is a reaffirmation of the eternal essence of nature itself. But at the same time, you, the observer, are being reaffirmed as an inherent part of this vast world as well.The experience of this particular kind of beauty enables us to be jolted out of our own complacency and allows us to be in the presence of something vastly more important than our immediate desires and interests. Within the experience of this distinct form of beauty, it seems as if a harmony between context and time, between place and ourselves, has been established. And as a result, a sense of unity with the world as a whole appears to be evoked.