Daan Brouwer is a maker-thinker. His creative approach reflects an intuitive relationship with making, a sympathetic use of materials and an expressive engagement with form.




The calm and introverted nature of his works, their elegant curves and facets, the depth of their surface and their flawless execution all contribute to the impression that their language is mainly a sensorial one.

As a maker, he namely believes we can enhance the quality of our lives by surrounding ourselves with objects and artefacts whom awake us in an affective manner, every time one engages with them. Within these moments of interaction, his work does not seek to impose. But rather conveys an inviting emptiness to ‘listen’ and become aware of the reciprocal dialogue and the tranquil yet graceful beauty found within.

The intimate closeness of the hands-on and non-mechanical process of finding form in relationship to the material, define his studio and work today. Many of Daan Brouwer’s works are unique pieces. Several are produced in small editions.


Grain Amsterdam2021
New Melancholy by Lidewij EdelkoortDe Kazerne, Eindhoven2020 – 2021
Papercut ExhibitionEindhoven2020


The New MourningArticle 2020
De Ingenieur Magazine2018
Archipanic Magazine2018